Endometrial Ablation


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Are you looking to be free of heavy, painful periods? Lynette W. Tsai, MD, of Oahu OB/GYN, with convenient locations in Honolulu and Kapolei, Hawaii, offer NovaSure® endometrial ablation, a five-minute, non-surgical treatment. Nearly 97% of women who had the procedure said they’d recommend it to a friend. Find out if endometrial ablation might be right for you by calling or booking a consultation online.

Endometrial Ablation Q & A

Why do I need endometrial ablation?

If you’re among the one in five women who experience heavy periods, endometrial ablation can relieve you of your heavy flow and the often painful side effects of a lengthy menstrual cycle. 

Endometrial ablation is a safe, effective FDA-approved treatment. The procedure takes only five minutes and doesn’t involve surgery. Instead, your provider at Oahu OB/GYN uses a small device that goes into your uterus, where it eliminates, or ablates, the lining. 

Removing the lining of your uterus or endometrium, which is the cause of your heavy periods, eliminates the problem. 

Who is a good candidate for endometrial ablation?

The providers at Oahu OB/GYN often recommend endometrial ablation in cases where:

  • You’re bleeding for more than eight days
  • Your period is unusually heavy (soaking a pad or tampon every two hours or less)
  • Your excessive blood loss has led to anemia

Your doctor may discuss whether you’ve already tried medications or an IUD to treat your heavy periods. If those options haven’t lessened your flow, you may be a good candidate for endometrial ablation. 

Can I get pregnant after endometrial ablation?

Endometrial ablation isn’t a good choice for you if you’d like to get pregnant in the future. Although pregnancy can occur after endometrial ablation, these pregnancies may carry a higher risk to you and your baby. 

Your pregnancy may end in miscarriage, or the pregnancy may occur in the fallopian tubes, what’s known as an ectopic pregnancy. Endometrial ablation is ideal if you no longer want to have a child or add to your family.

What is NovaSure endometrial ablation?

NovaSure is a radiofrequency procedure performed in Oahu OB/GYN’s office. It’s quick, taking just five minutes. 

Your doctor begins by slightly opening your cervix to insert the wandlike NovaSure device. The wand contains a triangular-shaped net, which expands to fit the shape and size of your uterus once inserted.

The netting sends precise doses of radiofrequency energy into your endometrium for about 90 seconds. The energy removes your endometrial lining. The netting then goes back inside the wandlike device, which your doctor removes from your uterus. 

If you’re ready to be free of painful, heavy periods, call today or book a consultation online with Oahu OB/GYN.